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Weekly Price Band A £850 Band B £700 Band C £525 Band D £430 Band E £600    


Short Break* price as a % of weekly prices: 3 days 60%; 4 days 70%; 5 days 80%; 6 days 90%.


Week + 1 day 115%; +2 days 130%; +3 days 145%; +4 days 160%; +5 days 175%; +6 days 190%

(When a holiday spans two price bands then any part weeks will be priced using the weekly price that the majority of part week falls in. eg a 3 day holiday starting on a Sunday will use the previous week's price or 3 days starting on a Wednesday will use the next week's price).


A short break is any holiday which does not start and finish on a property's change day. A holiday of 7 days or multiples of 7 which start (and therefore finish) on the property's change day is not a short break.


A Holiday of less than 7 days, regardless of when it starts, will be considered a short break.

A holiday of 7 days or a combination of any additional days not starting on the property's change day will be considered a short break.


Season for 2020

Rent Per Week

Dates Applicable

A £850 18th July - 29th August

B £700

23d May - 30th May


C £525

4th April - 18th April

30th May - 18th July

29th August - 26th September

24th October - 31st October

D £430

4th January - 4th April

18th April - 23d May

26th September - 24th October

31st October - 19th Dec

E £600

19th Dec - 2nd Jan




Large Double Bedroom

Clean Modern Bathroom

24, Croft Court,
The Croft,

Pembrokeshire SA70 8AR

M. 07456 907011 or
M. 07875 293274

Map to croft court